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RnR's Stuff(THE REDUX)
09-11-2012, 07:33 PM,
RnR's Stuff(THE REDUX)
Okey dokey, I've been gone for a bit, working on sprite work, drawing a bit, bathing...
So now I think it would be a good time to throw some of my work into the place:
[Image: bigspike.png] Behold the king of Spike Kingdom, lord Big Boss Spike. He rules over the Spike Kingdom with an iron...ball...fist...thing...whatever. He's big, he's mean,and he'll implae you six way from sunday, both your body and your pride with his awesome pins deep within his fists and his golden tuft of spikey hair.

[Image: burnoutx.png] Behold! Burnout, the God of Hellish Flames. I plan for him to be antagonist in my series Level Down(yes I'm still working on it, I just wanna make my own villains and shit first.) His flames are responsible for the destruction of Kelswood, the death of the Ice Guardians, and beginning and end of Flame War of Neotrick City. Some say he was sent on a mission from the Sun God to cleanse the digital world, some say he just crazy, others say he's a powerful flame entity trapped within a metallic suit, and uses his power to rule over the weak. However, this could all just be speculation.

[Image: asurasprite.png] Hello ladies and germs, presenting my latest pixelated marvel, the most powerful demigod since Kratos, the angriest bastard since the Angry Video Game Nerd, and the most powered up character since Goku, give it up for ASURA THE DESTRUCTOR! This sprite was a bitch and a half to make, and the hands make me want to cut off both of my hands and sell them for science, but in the end I think the sprite pulled through. I always wanted and Asura sprite, but one in my own style, so here it is.

[Image: yashasprite.png] dies and demigods of all power, presenting the master of Melancholy, the god of grace, the savior of the world(since he helped Asura in the end.), and the biggest pain in the neck to Asura, give a warm round of applause for YASHA! After the Asura, I wanted to make a sprite of another character from the game, so I contacted the one person who loves the game and the characters more than I do, Mr Moralde10! We combined our powers and became Captain Planet! and created this awesome Yasha sprite you see before you today.

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