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Forum Rules
11-29-2009, 09:34 PM, (This post was last modified: 07-04-2011, 05:37 PM by YoshyRyuDCC.)
Forum Rules
Here are the current rules of the forum-

  1. Check your Content.
    All images must be deemed safe for work. Warn if something is not safe for work by placing “NSFW” in the thread’s title, or before the link/image you put in your post. Gore, Pornography, and other offensive or sexually suggestive content may be linked to, but a warning must be provided. Violators will have their posts removed and may face a ban on first offense depending on the nature of the content. Artistic nudity is permitted, but it is to be kept tasteful. No sexual or suggestive images may be posted. If you DO draw pornographic drawings and wish to share with other members, please do so over your IM client. A bit of blood is fine in your art, and may be posted freely so long as it is within compliance of the above-stated restrictions.

  2. Use your head.
    In the midst of discussion, we ask that you do your best to type full sentences and words properly, avoid excessive spamming, and try keeping your cool at all times. Don’t just type one or two words when you post, as that doesn't deliver very much meaning. If you like or don’t like something and you need to explain why you do or don’t, try to explain thoroughly. When it comes to someone’s art, regardless of skill or style, elaborate your opinions to the best of your ability. We'll listen.

  3. Don't be an Gut Man's Ass.
    Spamming, trolling, and all other sorts of disruptive internet mischief in the mass will not be tolerated. Be friendly and make the community fun. If you’re a bit rude, that's OK, but you should make it clear that you’re joking. If you really enjoy ‘causing havoc' or annoying other users please keep a limit on the harassment. When it comes to your fellow members, be polite. If you truly have a problem with another member for whatever reason, don’t lash out and attack their art or them in general. Take the time to resolve your differences. Even though this is an internet forum that doesn’t excuse you from being a reasonable person. Special exceptions will sometimes be made to this rule, but you will have to pick up on them yourself...

  4. Respect the staff...and assist whenever possible.
    Insulting and harassing the staff will result in a warning--there is no need to be childish. If you need to speak to a mod or the admin you may PM them or IM then through their favorite chat client. If you feel that a staff member of the forum is abusing their power or being unfair, confront them for a private discussion, or post your complaint in the Town Court for a public discussion. If for any reason a moderator is not allowing you to post your problem in the Town Court (by deleting the thread or requesting a ban) contact an administrator or Town Court moderator immediately.

  5. Artwork and Critique.
    When you critique someone’s work, try to remember you were once in their place. Even if you feel you drew better than them when you started, you once had to learn how to draw on your own or with someone telling you/teaching you how to create your drawings/sprites. If you learned to draw on your own, then you should feel obligated to try your best to explain to another beginning artist how to draw or sprite. Give as helpful critique you can, but try to be as kind as you can. Some artists can’t handle blunt honesty. If someone you are critiquing is getting upset, don't be a dick. Simply step down a bit and show that you really care about the problem.

  6. Gravedigging
    Also known as necroing, gravedigging is the act of posting in a topic that has not had any responses made to it in 30 days or more (or any extended period of time long enough for the topic to have been forgotten about). There are exceptions to this (an unanswered question, an update, Last WTF Moment, etc.), but otherwise, it classifies as an infraction. If a topic of yours was locked because of gravedigging and you have something to contribute, contact a staff member to re-open it. This rule does not apply to pinned topics. Anything in the Town Library will not be reopened to the public.

  7. Theft
    Stealing others' work WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, and will lead to an immediate ban. No questions asked. Do not use others work without their express permission. If for whatever you reason you are caught lying that you had permission to use something, you will be warned, but you are more likely to suffer banishment. Do not post the work of others. If they have something they like to show they can register themselves.
    CAUTION: RaveDuck runs a 'forum news' comic, and may or may not ask permission to use your sprites (He should [needs to] ask, by the way). If he uses your sprites but doesn't ask, try to talk to him about it away from the forum threads. If he doesn't listen, feel free to verbally flog him for a moment.

  8. Sprites...
    This is a touchy subject, ain't it. Keep the following in mind regarding sprites:
    - Please do not randomly request items left 'n' right. Earn the help of others by helping onto others, or clarify why you need the item(s).
    - Sprites are still artwork. All rules apply.
    - If you have problems giving criticism or taking it, learn how to. Life sucks, but you gotta live through it.
    - Do not make a simple recolor or edit and expect significant attention. Recolors are generally frowned upon. Personal sprites are an exception to this rule, but regardless of the case it is likely you'll be asked many times to change. If so, you should take it into consideration.

  9. Common Forum Tips.
    -Introduce yourself by creating a thread in the Intro section before posting elsewhere.
    -Don't bump old topics unless relevant.
    -Don't double post unless it is your own topic and/or a significant update.
    -Use your head and think before you post. (Refer back to Rules 2 and 3)
    -If it's evil or a duck, have at it.

  10. Software/Music Pirating is NOT ALLOWED.
    Pirating is not tolerated, and will result in an immediate ban. NO LINKS TO ROMS OR PIRATED SOFTWARE. If you attempt to break this rule, you will be ninja'd. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  11. Don’t take everything too seriously.
    If push comes to shove, you may USE your right to be pissed off, but you may not ABUSE your right otherwise. If you ultimately lose your cool in any way and you feel a need to outburst, please do it off the forum. Go play a game, or go do something that’ll ease your temper. Keep in mind that this forum's higher-ups may have a fierce sense of humor, and may fire a joke when you least expect it. If someone is attacking or bugging you, sometimes you'll find the community is on your side, and will do the posting for you. If not, and you feel that you’re being attacked unfairly, PM the mods or an administrator. Again, you may take your complaint to the Town Court if needed. Overall, however, just try to glide through the forum and let the goofy breeze keep you afloat.

Moderators are not completely exempt from the rules above, but if unruly behavior (such as blatant power abuse or forum corruption) is noticed, demotions may occur. We encourage users to speak up about the management so long as the complaint is performed in line with the rules (To sum it up, it's OK for you to complain, but be polite or formal). We do not hold ourselves responsible for your idiocies, maggots.

More may be added.
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