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Spriting Tutorials
04-09-2010, 03:25 PM, (This post was last modified: 09-27-2010, 06:26 PM by YoshyRyuDCC.)
Spriting Tutorials
Web Tutorials

The following tutorials have been provided by King Lyger.
Derek Yu's "Legal Luchador" Tutorial:

GMJUNK side scrolling shooter tutorial:

Gauntlet's drawing to sprite tutorial:

Freewebs scratch sprite tutorial:

Spriters inc. Simple scratch spriting tutorial:

Painting to scratch tutorial (Very professional!):

Basic 4-part scratch tutorial:

Another basic scratch tutorial:

Very comprehensive tutorial, but no pictures:

A scratch tutorial with excellent examples:

A very cool Marlboro tutorial by Opacus of PokeCommunity:

A comprehensive list of resources and terminology:

An amazing new tutorial by the people making an insane new fighting game called, "card gallery" Unfortunately the tutorial is in spanish, although it should be fairly easy to follow along with.

Here' the wikipedia article. Not much of a tutorial, but it describes techniques and has links to a number of resources.

Here's a general MS paint tutorial. Very handy to know the basics.

A simple handy pixel art tutorial. Offers help for graphicsgale.

A greyscale pixel art tutorial, mostly isometric.

A simple isometric tutorial

A small collection of pixel tutorials.

Eboy, the masters of isometric pixel art. They're truly excellent.

A very complex anti-aliasing tutorial.

Some isometric tutorials, in french.

A collection of small high quality tutorials (Warning: many of the links are broken)

A collection of tutorials focusing on weapons and items, with two tutorials on environment and a character

A discussion on color theory in pixel art.

A tutorial on pixel animation, featuring walk cycles.

A tutorial regarding a lot of the theory concerning pixel art.

A tutorial on fixing up an old sprite.

A live journal pixel community

A large collection of links to varying tutorials.

A number of pixel tutorials from a large community.

A revived pixel tutorial with tons of helpful information in tilesets, objects, and animations.

A collection of nice tutorials.

A large and extensive MS paint tutorial, very helpful.

A large collection of pixel tutorials. Quality is VERY widely varied.

Great tutorial on shading.

Pixel art Gun Tutorial

Dithering Tutorial

Examples of Dithering Styles

Simple Pixel Art Tutorial

Pixel Animation Tutorial (photoshop)

An in-depth guide as to the making of every frame of an animated pixel piece. (In Japanese)

A process guide for making a sprite. (In Japanese)

A complex walkthrough of the complete animation process for a girl twirling around. (In Japanese)

A simpler guide for working with animation in sprites. (In Japanese)

A walkthrough of a running horse animation. (In Japanese)

A step by step walkthrough of a pixelated poliwag. (In Japanese)

A step by step walkthrough of the creation of a Charizard in paint. Animated gif below (In Japanese)

A tutorial for creating a pixelated character.

A step by step of an Absol in paint (Japanese)

A thread on /ic/ where a few people help out a beginner at pixel art

A two part tutorial on how to create a good cave tileset. Great palette selection and technique.

A quick walkthrough of the process Vanguard Princess uses to animate character sprites (japanese)

This is a stunning walkthrough of the creation of a crystal tree made by K-Hos. Very beautiful end result.

This is a cool guide someone made to help fix a number of beginner mistakes. Does a really great explanation job

various Dithering techniques, demonstrated on a simple sphere

The current method SNK uses to create their sprites. Incredible results, but the resources used are out of reach for most pixel artists
The Tao of Pixel Art: An Interpretation

Video Tutorials

A Three part video of someone making a pokemon sprite:

A simple ball tutorial, but with a very thorough explanation of shading and anti-aliasing. With kickass music too:

Kickass video, with kickass music:

Awesome spriting of Enker from MS paint masterpieces:

A random cool superhero guy:

Some cool simple line art:

And four videos documenting the creation of a quite large custom sprite:

A simple tutorial covering a hi-res RPG sprite

An interesting high quality tutorial on icy chunk

A cool speedrun with a high quality final product

Awesome speedrun of a pixel art pirate

Three tutorials detailing the construction of a high quality behemoth

A video version of the complete guide to isometric pixel art

List of video tutorials with links

Another such list

Cirno Pixel Art

Pixel Art Explosion, drawn and animated

Pixel Art Time Vol 1

Pixel Art Time Vol 2

Pixel Art Time Vol 3

Pixel Art Time Vol 4

Pixel Art Time Vol 5

Pixel Art Time Vol 7

Pixel Art Time Vol 8

Pixel Art - Squid

An incredibly detailed creation of a pixel art factory

A video of a touhou pixel art. Very cute.

The basic process of creating a character sprite

An incredible video of a small creature being frozen alive

All items listed are © to their original creators and respective owners.
List compiled by Evilagram.
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04-09-2010, 11:28 PM,
RE: Spriting Tutorials
Smile Energy ball creation, huh?


Ew Aww man, I was expecting something SF-esque!
(12-27-2010, 07:13 AM)Pocket_Abortions Wrote: I change my internet identity every ten minutes.
(02-18-2011, 09:33 AM)Evilagram Wrote: I am too sleep deprived to accept anything other than stark opposition.
06-27-2010, 06:18 PM,
RE: Spriting Tutorials
Um hey i have a problem
When those people outlined the quills and stuff so easily i dont know how to.
and i am not good at spriting AT ALL
Can i get some help?
06-28-2010, 10:44 AM,
RE: Spriting Tutorials
You have to do it one pixel at a time, you can't rush through things like this.
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