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Full Version: Affiliate Request
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If you own/mod a sprite related site, or any website at all, ask to be affiliated in this thread (if you are a member of the forum).
Or you can E-Mail me at, or you could IM me on AIM (YoshyRyuDCC) or my WLM (

There are only a few things required to be an affiliate.

1. Your site must be related to spriting, pixel art, art, or video games. If your site does not meet any of those requirements, then don't feel you won't be able to get affiliated. If I like how your website is made, designed, or even what you're trying to do I'll work with that.

2. Your site must not contain any pornographic/hateful material. By hateful of course, I mean racial/religious/etc. Sites with stuff like "I hate Microsoft/Sony/Nokia" don't really bother me, and do not present with any problem with The Spriter's Zone.

3. Your site will need to have a decent layout. It doesn't have to be a psychedelic Photoshop eyegasim, but it should look like you put some kind of aesthetic thought into it.

If you feel that your site/forum is up to these requirements and you would like to be an affiliate of The Spriter's Zone, PM me or send me an e-mail address ( ).